Steve Downey

Artist and Arts Consultant

School Art Projects

Steve Downey has undertaken a range of artist-in-residence and "art in architecture" projects in schools. Below is a selection of these projects.

Sheering C of E Primary School

Steve's work in 2007/08 at Sheering School, near Harlow, was part of the 2-year "Creativity for Life" project, established to help pupils to develop maths and numeracy skills through working with artists. See website:

Steve worked with all pupils in the school in mixed-aged groups.

Steve helped pupils use Photoshop to manipulate images on the computer.

In small groups pupils created imaginary "sea creatures", collaging images manipulated using Photoshop that evoked memories of life on land.

Steve put all these artworks together to form a permanent artwork for the school hall, sized 200cm x 110cm.

Pupils created circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, collaging images they had created on Photoshop based on ancient Egypytian patterns.

The final artwork consisted of a large wooden pyramid, 200cm high, situated outside the main school entrance. Steve created this by collaging images produced by all pupils in the school.

Heathlands Primary School

Steve worked in 2007 at Heathlands Primary School as part of the ARC Project [Art Reflecting Citizenship] organised by firstsite in Colchester.

Steve worked with Class 5 for 10 days, on the theme of "Save Our World", covering the areas of climate change, the "Green Man" and enhancing the environment through art.

The final work, incorporating hundreds of images created by the pupils, was exhibited at the firstsite gallery and is now located in the school hall.

Beckers Green Primary School

Steve worked in 2006/2007 at Beckers Green Primary School , Braintree on an Essex County Council 'Artist in Architecture' project integrating art into the new extention to the school.

Steve worked with 3 classes examining the cultures of India, Africa and Australia and the history and meaning of mandalas.

Each pupil produced their own madala based on one of these 3 cultures and these were incorporated into the final artwork.

Entitled "Mandalas: Australia, Africa and India", the artwork is installed in the link corridor of the school.